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Healthy and Delicious with Kefir

Healthy and Delicious with Kefir - Since hundreds of years ago kefir has been recognized as a health drink, rich in nutrients, and able to ward off various diseases. These dairy products can cause a pleasant feeling.

Kefir is a drink derived from milk, fermented by a number of microorganisms, namely lactic acid-producing bacteria (BAL), acetic acid-producing bacteria and yeast (yeast).

Increased Folic Acid

The main ingredient is making kefir and milk kefir seeds. Kefir seeds can be obtained by purchase or from the process of making kefir before. If stored correctly, kefir seeds can be used repeatedly without limit. Milk used to milk cows, goats, sheep or buffalo, either in the form of powder (whole milk or skim) or liquid (full-cream, low-fat, or non-fat). Given the technology is very simple, making kefir can be done in a household scale.

Healthy and Delicious with Kefir
Pasteurized milk initially, that is heated at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes or at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes. The goal is to kill unwanted microbes and neutralize the protein, thus facilitating the work of microbes in the fermentation process. After the milk is cooled in a pot or a jar until it reaches room temperature (20-25 degrees Celsius), to which is added kefir grain seed as much as 5-6 percent (50-60 g of seeds for 1 liter of milk kefir).

The mixture of milk and kefir seeds subsequently cured at room temperature for 24 hours, until there is perfect clotting. Kefir can be improved aroma and flavor ripening way back in the refrigerator temperature 80-10 degrees Celsius for 15-24 hours.

Furthermore, kefir is filtered to separate the 'kefir liquid' from kefir grains. The longer ripening done, diminishing levels of laktosanya (milk sugar), but more acidic taste. Longer curing will also enhance the levels of vitamin B and folic acid. Durable power of kefir liquid can be extended up to one week in cold storage temperature (about 10 degrees Celsius).

Kefir-making technique is more a work of art rather than scientific activities. Fermentation time and temperature of fermentation are the two things that really determines the texture and flavor that will produce kefir. In hot climates, milk fermented with kefir seeds is sufficient for 18 hours. After that, kefir seeds must be separated from the liquid kefir.

Fermentation is too long will produce kefir is very thick and sour. Kefir is good only slightly thicker than fresh milk, so it is easy drunk.

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