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Know Ulcer Pain Symptoms

Know Ulcer Pain Symptoms - Maag in scientific language is called Gastritis Gastro derived from the word which means the stomach and Itis means inflammation. Gastritis or ulcer itself that we often think of as ordinary disease is proved to be a disease that tends to be dangerous if not handled properly. Even this can lead to death.

If inflammation of the stomach is left, will lead to ulcers (ulcers) in the stomach which can increase the risk of gastric cancer.

Ulcer disease itself can be caused by many factors, such as unhealthy lifestyle by consuming alcohol, irregular eating patterns, smoking, stress, bacterial or viral infection, certain drugs consumed in excess, excessive stomach acid content, and so on .

The symptoms that arise from this disease also vary depending on how severe ulcer suffered. The pain in the gut early symptomatic ulcer patients. Symptoms of ulcer disease that is commonly perceived pain, soreness, nausea, abdominal bloating, early satiety, and even vomiting.

In general, the ulcer patients undergoing treatment with consuming drugs on the market. Types of drugs that are circulating in the market today that is kind of Antacids. Antacids itself has a function as a neutralizing stomach acid to relieve the pain in ulcer patients.

However, not all ulcer patients fit with this type of drug. This depends on the type of illness. Other types of drugs, other than antacids, the kind of anti-acid drugs or drugs to improve the movement of the stomach.

For more effective treatment, it is suggested that the patients know what kind of ulcer is felt with a check to the doctor to be treated according to the type of ulcer in the suffering. Examination alone can by using endoscopy (stomach binoculars) to find out the real state of the stomach, or by using other medical devices that have been highly developed at this time.

It is important for the treatment of gastric disease are lifestyle changes into a healthy lifestyle. Regular meals and exercise is recommended to keep the body awake fitness.

In addition, note also the use of drugs consumed. Instead, drugs are not consumed in excess. Excessive consumption will enable the emergence of other diseases, such as damage to kidney function.

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