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Mobile Phones Positive Effect on Alzheimer's Patients

Mobile Phones Positive Effect on Alzheimer's Patients - We commonly hear that the phone has a negative effect on health, it is true. However, against Alzheimer's, cell phones have a result and a positive effect. A research by the University of South Florida scientists found that the use of mobile phones have a positive effect for people with Alzheimer's.
positive mobile phone effect to Alzheimer patient
This research was conducted on 96 mice that were genetically modified to suffer from Alzheimer's. The mice were exposed to 918 MHz frequency electromagnetic waves twice a day for one hour in duration. The exposure was carried out for seven to nine months - the time which is equivalent to several decades for humans.

In old mice suffering from Alzheimer's disease, exposure to electromagnetic waves cause the loss of beta-amyloid, the protein fragments that accumulate in the brains of Alzheimer's. The damage that occurs in memory also disappears.

Young mice with no signs of damage from Alzheimer's protected memory after several months exposed to wave the mobile phone. In addition, retention of normal mice - genetically not modified for Alzheimer's disease - increased after exposure to electromagnetic waves.

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