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Eating Ice Cream, Headache Occur?

Eating Ice Cream - Have you ever when you're enjoying ice cream, a sudden onset of headache shortly. What causes headaches sudden while eating ice cream?

Ice cream is not the only foods that can make our heads hurt. All the food is very cold, ice lollies, cold drinks, juice and soda or even a cold can make blood vessels expand.

The headaches that arise when someone is eating ice cream or drink extremely cold is something natural. This condition occurs when cold drinks (ice cream) were on the roof of the mouth before swallowing.

ice cream eating
As quoted from kidzhealth, nerves that respond to this will cause the blood vessels in the head to swell, resulting from swelling of these blood pembulu cause head pain.

Some people call these events with the term 'brain freeze' or brain freeze. Although nothing happens in the brain but only in blood vessels only.

These headaches usually last only briefly or not more than five minutes, but sometimes these conditions can be repeatedly and then disappear again. Due to an ice cream headache is not harmful and does not indicate there is something wrong in the body.

Some doctors advise not to rush when eating food or cold beverages to prevent headaches. If you begin to feel a headache, then stop for 1-2 minutes of consumption. That way the ceiling would be a little warmer so they can enjoy ice cream without the head pain

Actually, the body designed to maintain body heat, especially against something cold. Either way blood flow is reduced so that the diameter of blood vessels is also reduced.

But now back to normal blood vessels, arteries in the palate to be widened, so that the nerves in the palate widening translates as pain. [mor]

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