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5 Factors Increase Heart Disease Risk

5 Factors Increase Heart Disease Risk - You often to sport, avoid high cholesterol, fat, avoid smoking and other danger habit, are you will far from heart disease?, exactly have any other factor that can trigger and increase heart disease risk.

1. Stress in work place
People with high stress job, and he can't avoid the stress, this people have 40% high of stroke and heart disease risk.

2. Skin Disease
Skin diseases such as psoriasis with the appearance of reddened and scaly skin can trigger inflammation in the body. Thus, this chronic disease can increase your chances of cardiovascular disease.

3. Sleep deprivation

5 hours for Night sleep or less, it can doubles the risk of heart attack, even in healthy people.

4. Gum Disease

People who have a chronic bacterial infection of the gums Periodontal nearly twice as likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than those who do not have this disease.

5. Pregnancy Complications

Symptoms of preeclampsia with blood pressure and protein in urine high likelihood of heart attacks doubled in the future. In fact, gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) increases this risk by 70 percent.

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