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Heart Disease Can Occur without Symptoms

Heart Disease Can Occur without Symptoms
Heart Disease - If you find yourself in good health, should act to stay alert to perform self-examination to determine the condition of health. This recall was secretly we can have a risk of heart disease even without symptoms.

Research shows, the percentage of people with heart disease who have a history of a particular risk factor was very high. Risk factors include certain lifestyle and characteristics of the family.
Heart disease risk factors are divided into two, namely the factors that can not be changed, which include gender, age, and family history. "If anyone in our family who had a heart attack, we are also the higher the risk," said dr.Sally A.Nasution, Sp.PD

However, there are many other risk factors that can be controlled, ie, diet, exercise habits, obesity, blood fat levels, and smoking habits. "The more risk factors you have, the more rapid thickening of artery walls," he explained.

Thickening of blood vessels or atherosclerosis is the accumulation of fat that accumulates in the arteries that narrows arteries and impeded blood flow. This is the original cause blockage of blood vessels to the heart resulting in heart attacks or chest pain (angina).

The most important thing to do is prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis despite no symptoms. Examination of blood fats (cholesterol), measurement of blood pressure monitor and maintain body weight in ideal conditions need to be done, especially for those who have entered the age of 40 years.

Early detection of coronary heart disease can also be done with a variety of special tests, such as EKG (electrocardiogram), treadmills, blood tests, chest radiograph, and other.

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