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Potent Drug For Severe Hemorrhoid

Potent Drug For Severe Hemorrhoid - Do you suffer from hemorrhoid? hemorrhoid meets these demands is bad, OK, I have a prescription for treating hemorrhoid traditional, the prescription drug I take from the experience of a friend suffering from a hemorrhoid, and this eventually cured with this drug.

What is traditional medicine? And how do I make it? Here are the details:

1. Prepare an old coconut;

2. Prepare 1 point red tomatoes;

3. Prepare the glass;

4. Prepare a spoon.

That's all preparation. So what to do next? Here is the way:

1. Grated coconut, squeezed, and coconut milk cooked. Long run of results this would appear to oil heating. When finished cooking oil is set aside in the space provided.

2. Then enter 1 item tomatoes into a glass and also enter a tablespoon of coconut oil that we make. And the mashed tomatoes to taste it by using the spoon. No need until smooth. The most important thing we can be ingested by mouth and eating well in our digestion.

3. After that meal was the result of simple processing. You make the drug twice a day, morning and night. Remember!, read Basmallah first before swallowing.

4. Always pray.

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