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Signs of Deficiency of Omega 3

Signs of Deficiency of Omega 3 - What is Omega 3, need we to consume it, yes really. Omega 3 beside contain essential fatty acids that help cells on absorb nutrient, also as forming the membrane cells and keep us from nerve disease and heart disease.

signs deficiency of omega 3
Scientific studying about omega 3 have proved that without this fatty acids or Omega 3 our body vulnerable to get allergy and arthritis and degenerative diseases such as heart disease and cancer are also vulnerable to our health, if reserves of omega-3 fatty acids in the body begins small. here on its posting i will tell you about sign body on deficiency of omega 3.

Signs Of Omega 3 Deficiency:

1. Want to eat fat food
2. There is the accumulation of impurities such as wax in the ears.
3. Dizzy when under the sun
4. Leg Cramps after walking
5. stiff shoulder
6. Your nails on brittle
7. Easy to angry
8. Fungal infection on important organ
9. Late to recover the hurt/injure
10. Chronic inflammation
11. dry skin and dandruff

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