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Causes of Scaly Skin and how Overcome

scaly skin overcoming
Causes of Scaly Skin and how to Overcome - Skin caused the people look beautiful, ever you think what happen if your skin is scaly, many people will frustrated of this, why skin can scaly?, What causes scaly skin?
Scaly skin condition is caused by loss of the outer layer of skin called the epidermis in large numbers and making it inelastic.

Commonly characterized by scaly skin appearance of rough, peeling, sensitivity and redness. When the skin condition is like that, reported by the Mayo Clinic on Friday (11/02/2011) in this condition skin could no longer work as a protective factor.

There are some factor that are known as caused of scaly skin:

1. Poor nutrition
2. Lack of skin care, such as using harsh soaps or skin cream that is not appropriate
3. For the foot can be caused by the use of ill-fitting shoes that cause pain, fungal infections.
4. Scaly skin is also very likely to occur in winter, because of the wind that comes in the winter can not be tolerated by the skin so as to form spots like the scales on the skin.
5. Besides it can also because regeneration of skin layers, so due in skin peeling and scaly.

Scaly skin, How to Overcome? Do some thing below:

1. Rubbing the skin (scrubs)
2. Using a suitable skin moisturizer
3. Using vitamin E oil
4. Use the Olive Oil
5. Increase of water consumption

May useful, keep healthy life. :)

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