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Catfish Helps Fetal Growth

catfish rich in nutrient
Catfish Helps Fetal Growth - Do not take for granted with this catfish, beside rich in nutrient, catfish also help the fetal growth in uterus and catfish also good for heart, because less in fat.

(Clarias spp) is a freshwater fish that can live in critical places, such as swamps, rivers, rice fields, lush fish pond, fish ponds murky and muddy places that lack of oxygen. Included in the family catfish Claridae and often also called mud fish or cat fish.

Nutrient Sources
Fish is an important food ingredient as a source of nutrients. Freshwater and brackish water fish have a high protein, ie an average of 20 percent. Fish protein is a protein that special because it not only serves as an addition to the amount of protein consumed, but also as a complement to the quality of protein in the menu.

Rich in Phosphorus

Looked from the composition of nutrients, catfish are also rich in phosphorus. The value of phosphorus in catfish is higher than the value of phosphorus in the egg which only 100 mg. The role of phosphorus minerals ranks second only to calcium.

In the body, phosphorus-shaped crystals of calcium phosphate, 80 percent is in bone and teeth. Its main function as a giver of energy and strength for the metabolism of fat and starch, as supporting healthy teeth and gums, for DNA synthesis and calcium absorption and utilization.

Phosphorus needs for pregnant women more than the moments are not pregnant, because pregnant women need more phosphorus to bone her fetus. If the intake of phosphorus is less, the fetus will take it from the bones of the mother. It's one of the causes of brittle bone disease in the mother. Phosphorus requirement will be met if protein consumption is also considered.

Low Fat, Cholesterol Press

Fat content in fresh and brackish water fishes was low [catfish]. There is fat on the abdomen, especially in the lower body and heart. Fatty fish most simple form of fat, such as triglycerides, which are neutral and some are shaped like fosfolipida and sterol complex.

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