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Reduce Cholesterol with Nuts

Reduce Cholesterol with beans
Reduce Cholesterol with Nuts - To Combat the cholesterol we must back to nature, this quoted often use by people that want to reduce cholesterol. In nature many fruit and seed which can use to keep healthy like reduce cholesterol. Researchers from Loma Linda University, United States, reported that consumption of nuts effective for lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Results of analysis of 25 studies involving 600 people, showed that eating nuts 67 grams (equivalent to a small bag) every day can lower cholesterol levels up to 7.4 percent. However, experts do not recommend the consumption of peanuts mixed with sugar or salt.

Not only for reduce cholesterol, but nuts also have beneficial to reduce triglycerides. blood fat, is associated with heart disease. The benefits of nuts is more pronounced in those classified as obese body weight.

Aside from being a source of fiber, and a good vegetable protein, researchers can not explain how the mechanisms of beans/nuts in lowering cholesterol. One theory is, phytosterol content that is naturally present in nuts will prevent the absorption of cholesterol by the body.

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