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Coffee Not Cause High Blood

Coffee Not Cause High Blood
Coffee Not Cause High Blood - Many people avoid coffee, for fear of having high blood pressure. According to recent research, there is nothing to be feared, because coffee is not proven to lead to increased blood pressure, even if taken daily.

Zhenzhen Zhang, researchers from Michigan State University proved that after searching three scientific research, which looked at the coffee drinking habits in 172 567 participants. All three involve long-term observations made ​​during 33 years.

Of the many participants, only 37.35 people or about 1 in 5 who reported suffering from high blood pressure. When comparing the pressure to drink coffee every day with other risk factors, researchers concluded that coffee is not a trigger hypertension.

Increased blood pressure is not observed in participants who drank coffee in the lowest portion of which is 1 cup/day (1 cup: 237 ml). Similarly, in participants who drank 1-3 cups/day, blood pressure differences observed were not significant enough.

However, researchers note that the response of each individual towards the coffee is not always the same. Someone who has a history of hypertension in their families may be more at risk than healthy people like in this study.

"For most people, drinking coffee regularly is totally harmless but for some others not necessarily the case,"
Shang said in a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition as quoted from Medicalnewstoday.

Zhang conclusion is justified by cardiologists from the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, Prof. Lawrence Krakoff. According to him, various studies so far failed to prove that coffee is the principal cause increased blood pressure in hypertension patients.

"If a person drinks 12 cups a day and not sleeping, That I can only assume, that it is indeed dangerous,"
said Professor Krakoff as quoted from Dailymail, Sunday (04/23/2011).

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