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Healthy Lifestyle | Mother Pattern Affect Infant Health

Healthy lifestyle | Mother Pattern Affect Infant Health | For get a healthy baby, the genetic factor only is not enough without being in balance with healthy lifestyle from both of the parents. A woman who wanted the pregnancy must prepare herself properly to allow the pregnancy went well and the children are born healthy.

Healthy Lifestyle
Preparation condition of the body, according to dr.Inge Permadhi, Sp.GK, including keeping your weight within normal range, ensuring adequate energy needs, and no malnutrition or anemia.

"Mothers who are undernourished greatly impact on the quality of fetal health. For example, if the mother had her baby at risk of iron deficiency are born with low weight and have failed to grow,"
he said on the show Nutritalk, Jakarta.

Good nutrition will also support the process of conception, healthy pregnancy, and childbirth without complications. "Mother of anemia will be difficult to contract her uterus after childbirth, causing bleeding," explained the lecturer from the Faculty of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of medicine is. He added that awareness of healthy lifestyles should be owned by someone in his life, not just while undergoing pregnancy. In the event Nutritalk, Jakarta.

"There is no set number of months before pregnancy a woman should have a healthy lifestyle, ideally for life, even since I was a child we must have a good nutritional status," he said.

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