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Why Healthy Food Less Attractive?

Healthy Food Less Attractive | All of us wanna to consume healthy food, but why the healthy usually looking like not attractive, rare peoples love it, the researcher show that our stomach sent the unsatisfied signal after eating healthy food.

Otherwise, after we consume the food that are less on healthy, our nerve sent the satisfied signal. Like this the result of searching that done by Alia Crum and his team from Yale University.

healthy food less attractive
In his research, Crum recruited 46 participant that notified on test for know the body respond at 2 milkshake drink that design by variety nutrient contain.

When in fact, these drinks contain the same, but the drinks are high in fat are described and contain 620 calories. These drinks are labeled "good" and promoted "good to drink". Meanwhile, drink another one described low-fat with 140 calories. The label stated "give satisfaction without guilt".

The participants were asked to feel the milkshake in the two weeks separately so they can tell the difference. In fact, every milkshake contains 380 calories.

Then, the researchers took blood samples to determine the level of participants' ghrelin, a hormone that increases when we feel hungry and when satiety level decreases. Apparently, stable ghrelin levels when participants consumed a drink that is labeled healthy. This means their bodies do not send signals of satisfaction or fullness after drinking the milkshake.

The experts concluded that, when we believe have been eating foods that are low in calories, the body will send signals that we are less satisfied and still hungry.

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