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Hepatitis is Ancestor Cancer!

Hepatitis is Ancestor Cancer!
Hepatitis is Ancestor Cancer! | Every kind of disease should don't ever assume as simple, example: hepatitis or inflammatory condition of the liver.

Accord to prof Dr H Ali Sulaiman, PHD, SpPD-KGEH from division of Hepatology in Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine), most of the society still not attention to the hepatitis disease, because the impact that posed is indirectly.

In Fact, hepatitis B and C is two kind of disease that can cause the serious threat, except also need the expensive treatment.

"It must be told that hepatitis is a precursor to cancer, maybe people will be scared a little,"
Ali said on Friday (06/24/2011), in Jakarta.

According to Ali, based on the research titled "Chronic Hepatitis C Prevalence in Health Care Professionals" in 2008 revealed, about 3.4 million Indonesian population are infected with hepatitis C. And about 2 million infected with genotype 1 viruses that are difficult to treat.

"Hepatitis C have genotype, Type 1 and 2. Type 1 (one) is the largest and hard to treat," he said.

For the treatment of genotype 1, Ali said could be done by injecting Pegasys. However, the price for this drug is still relatively still very expensive. Just imagine, once syringe Pegasys, it will cost between Rp 1 million and Rp 2 million.

"In fact, for genotype 1 (a) it must be injected 48 times," he said.

Hepatitis can be caused by many things, including viral infections, parasites, bacteria, chemicals, auto immunity, drugs, alcohol as well. Hepatitis B and C can develop into cirrhosis and liver cancer, it can even lead to the need for liver transplantation.

Good news is that hepatitis B can be prevented through vaccination, and most infections with hepatitis C can be cured.

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