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When Eyes Already Tired, What we do

When Eyes Already Tired
When Eyes Already Tired | Too old to work at the computer, or focus on one thing, it can sometimes make the eyes become tired. But there are some natural ways you can do to cope with tired eyes.

The eyes are one of the senses have an important and valuable function. If someone already has tired eyes then this condition will affect his eyesight and ability to degrade performance.
Eye fatigue is generally caused by many things. But the cause is generally broadly classified into three categories namely:

1. Environment, such as stress at work, home and a noisy environment so that sleep time is reduced. Besides the pressure to the eye also can result from staring at the computer too long, too long to read in dim places without using glasses or contact lenses, inadequate oxygen supply, pollution and cigarette smoke.

2. Diet, lack of water intake and some vitamins such as vitamin B12, D and K can contribute to cause eyestrain.

3. Heredity and physiology, genetic factors sometimes influence, though not too large and increasing age and cause thinning of the eye muscles are sagging.

Symptoms appear when the eyes of experienced fatigue are: watery eyes, heavy, redness, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, irritation and is more sensitive to light.

Even so there are some natural ways you can do to cope with tired eyes, as quoted from Lifemojo, Tuesday (06/21/2011), namely:

1. Compress the eye with a cold towel or paper towels
Soak a cloth, towel or paper towels in cold water and place in the eyes, after a while lifting the towel and repeat until your eyes feel fresh. This method can also help to relieve itchy eyes.

2. Wash eyes with cold water
Wash eyes with cold water several times a day can help relax your eyes and reduce tensions that lead to fatigue.

3. Placing a cold spoon in the eye
One of the simple home remedies for tired eyes is to put two tablespoons into eyes that have previously been placed in the refrigerator.

4. Placing slices of cucumber, potatoes or strawberries in the eyes
Cut the cucumber or potato into slices and place over eyes for 15-20 minutes. It could also put the strawberries that have previously been stored in the refrigerator for a while at her closed eyelids.

5. Using cold tea bags
Pour boiling water 2 tea bags into boiling water in a small pot, after boiling turn off heat and let cool to remove. After the tea bag is really cool, place in the eye and create a relaxed condition.

6. Soak cotton balls in cold milk or rose water
Take a bowl of cold milk or rose water, then dip the cotton ball into it. After that put it at the closed eyelids with eye position.

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