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How to Fight Stress with Exercise | Eliminate Stress

Fight Stress with Sport - Are you stress? ya, i know if we get stress may be many of work can't we finish it rightly, but it's no problem, you can remove stress by sport regularly.

One of the main benefits of exercise is the link between mind and body. If someone has anxiety and stress, the exercise can help to soothe and improve mood.
how to fight stress with exercise

Eliminate Stress with Exercise
When you starts to feel anxious or a little stress, try to start moving and doing some exercises to get the motivation and reduce stress.

The study, reported in Anxiety, Stress and Coping: An International Journal in 2008 noted that the sport could be a potential tool to overcome the symptoms of anxiety.

In the study, participants who exercise regularly have a lower index of anxiety than people who never exercise. This suggests that exercise may be an appropriate treatment for anxiety and stress.

The theory that there is: exercise causes the body to react, including the brain. In response, the brain releases many hormones, including endorphins and neurotransmitters that affect mood, as quoted from mayoclinic, Friday (3/6/2011).

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