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Outbreaks of E Coli in Germany Originated from Sprouts

Outbreaks of E Coli in Germany - Outbreaks of disease caused by Escherichia coli that attack Europe guess caused by sprouts that growth in organic livestock in German. Like that said by minister of agriculture of german, The outbreaks od this disease have been causing the death of 22 peoples and make 2.200 people on sick.

Outbreaks of E coli
The first result test found broccoli and sprouts variety that come from agricultural in Uelzen, between north of Hamburg and Hannover, as the infection trigger in five areas in German.

"The evidence in the past few hours more and lead to agricultural output in Uelzen,"
said Gert Lindemann, Minister of Agriculture of the State of Lower Saxony.

Currently, organic farming has been closed and re-drawn all of its products, including fruits, potatoes, flowers, and spices. Two farm workers were also infected with E coli. Lindemann said that 18 kinds of sprouts originating from agriculture is now being monitored, including beans sprouts, broccoli, garlic, radishes, and beans.

Lindemann explains, because the sprouts are contaminated vegetables grown on the farm in a vat at a temperature of 38 degrees celsius, the temperature is ideal for breeding bacteria.

He added that there is a possibility of water used had been contaminated with "E coli" or seed sprouts, which are sold in Germany or other countries, contaminated with bacteria. He said the farmers from the farm did not use fertilizer, which is usually used in organic farming and often causes the transmission of E coli.

Currently, German citizens are advised not to eat sprouts until further notice. He also can not ensure that other transmission sources. Therefore, while German citizens are also advised to avoid tomatoes, cucumbers and salad.

In Indonesia, Indonesia Ministry of Health, continue to monitor the development of diseases caused by E coli that hit Europe and has submitted a circular to the ranks of health in the country.

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