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Prevent Kidney Disease by Drinking Water 3 Liter/day

Prevent Kidney Disease - Kidney stone disease really difficult to detected, kidney stone also can derived, so many peoples that are active or have potential to kidney stone disease. People who have talent in kidney stone must give attention to drink or consumption on his water drinking.

People who have kidney stones, or kidney stones talent, cultivated volume of 2 liters of urine in 24 hours so it is recommended to drink 3 liters of water per day.

People whose talents kidney stones, discovered the disease appears usually after experiencing pain in the lower abdomen. Other symptoms include back pain, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention, fever, shiver, and there is blood in the urine.

"Kidney disease is largely inherited, so there are talented people kidney stones and some are not. If one parent are affected by kidney stones, then the son has a rock flair," said Dr. Dr. Parlindungan Siregar, SpPD-KGH from renal division hypertension, Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine in a press conference Hydration and Health at the Gran Hotel Sahid Jaya as written on Sunday (03/20/2011).

Dr. Parlindungan said: for people who have kidney stones, or have a talent cultivated kidney stones as much as 2 liters of urine volume within 24 hours. For that he recommended to drink 3 liters of water every day. But with a record of who has renal function should be normal.

Whereas if a person known to have impaired kidney function, be it acute renal disorders, or chronic renal impairment stage 4 and 5, the intake of water consumed should be limited.

For people with kidney disorders, fluid intake as much as the volume of urine excreted in 24 hours plus 500 ml. For example the volume of urine is expelled as many as 500 ml, then the fluid intake was 500 ml + 500 ml = 1,000 ml or 1 liter a day.

In addition, people who have the talent of kidney stones should avoid alcohol consumption, because the levels of purines contained fairly high in alcohol so that it can trigger kidney stones.

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