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Drugs That Can Damage Kidneys

Drugs That Can Damage Kidneys - If you feel dizzy, headache or back pain, suggested for dont drink a drug by indiscriminate that sell freely in market. Because any types of drug can damage the function of kidney. What drug is it?

"Don't indiscriminate for drinking drugs, moreover if you are a people with high risk of kidney diseases. Any drugs are nephrotoxic or disturb the kidney function,"
said Dr. Dharmeiza, spPD-KGH from kidney Hypertension division, Department of Medicine RSCM, on the sidelines of the Media Rally 'The Importance of Blood Pressure Control in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease' in Duck Bengil Resto, Jakarta, Monday (03/21/2011).

Below some drugs that are nephorotoxic ar damage the kidney, like that have said by dr. Dharmeizar, these are:

1. Aminoglycosides
2. NSAIDs (Non-Steroid Anti Inflammatory)
3. Radiographic contrast agent
4. Analgesic (painkiller)
5. Some herbs stiff and arthritic
6. Some herbal slimming

"Drugs analgesic, or pain killer have a direct effect on the kidneys, causing direct damage. So do not carelessly take medication pain killer," said dr. Dharmeizar.

dr. Dharmeizar also explained that should not carelessly take medication when feeling a headache or dizziness, also when it is not necessary vitamins should avoid excessive drinking.

"The headache that was the cause much, could toothache, minus the eye increases, so do not take the medicine a little bit but look for the cause,"
he explained.

And as for vitamins, dr. Dharmeizar explained that the vitamin should be given only to people who just recovered from illness or because of low body immunity.

And dr. Dharmeizar also reminded that many people have misconceptions about drugs in drinking lifetime obliged by people with hypertension (high blood pressure) and cholesterol. According to him, the drugs used for the lifetime of even safer because it is not nephrotoxic alias does not damage the kidneys.

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