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Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer | Among the largest cancer killer of women in the world is breast cancer. There are about 39,520 women die every year because encroached on this danger disease.

Actually, people with breast cancer can be cured. Mortality risk can be minimized, if the cancer is detected sooner. For that, as a woman you should know the early symptoms of breast cancer.

One of them by observing the appearance of abnormal cells in the milk ducts in the breast or called Ductal Carsinoma in Situ (DCIS).

DCIS is considered as the earliest form of breast cancer. Noninvasive DCIS is not spread out of the milk ducts and invade other parts of the breast. In addition, DCIS is usually found through a mammogram procedure which is part of the breast cancer screening.

Due to increased screening accuracy by using a mammogram, DCIS diagnosis rate increased dramatically in recent years.

As reported by the Mayo Clinic, DCIS is formed when there is a genetic mutation in the DNA from breast cell lines. Genetic mutation causes the cells appear normal, but these cells do not have the ability to exit from breast line.

The researchers do not know exactly what triggers growth the abnormal cell that causes DCIS. A number of factors may play a role, including genes from the parents, the environment, and lifestyle.

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