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Specialist Slim, Ice Cream flavor

Specialist Slim, Ice Cream flavor
- Not Drug/Herbal Medicine
- For All Age
- Without Side Effects
Low-calorie foods with a complete and balanced nutrition made ​​from plants to help you:

This nutrition will you benefits as below:
1. Lose or weight more than 5 Kg to 30 Kg
2. Maintain the stability of body weight
3. Shrink the bloated stomach
4. Prevent the Cellulite
5. Increasing the sluggish stamina
6. Clearing the poison iin body
7. Restore health in a period of healing

Ice Cream nutrition | Precise choice for those who:

a. Grease since childhood
b. Grease after childbirth
c. Poor diet
d. Children who are difficult to eat

Research Results for Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) by the Scientific Advisory Board consisting of Dr.. Louis Ignarro (Nobel recipient 1998)

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