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Hot Air Could Damage Drugs

Hot Air Could Damage Drugs - When you look at drug packaging is usually listed in an alert and drug store in a cool and distant from the sun. The warning is not without reason because the drugs can be damaged by air that is too hot.

In a study conducted by a team of investigators from the Drug Information Service from Butler University, known to the air temperature above 30 degrees centigrade, can damage the active ingredient in the drug.

Hot Air Could Damage Drugs
According Dr.Amy Peak, clinical pharmacists who conducted this research, several drugs that are vulnerable to heat, among others, insulin, thyroid hormone, a drug associated with aerosols, inhalers, and many more.

Although some drug manufacturers claim their products can survive in temperatures above 30 degrees, but you should still keep the drugs in the box away from heat.

If you take medication while traveling, keep it in the cabin and not in the trunk. Do not leave medicine in the car which was parked in the car, because temperatures can reach 71 degrees.

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