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Diabetes, not Cause of Most Sugar Consumption

Diabetes, Most Sugar Consumption?| The world is facing an explosion of people with diabetes. The most recent data says the figure reached 350 million people around the world, far exceeding the predictions of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) which projected the year 2010 there are 285 million people worldwide who will become victims of diseases that can be claimed eyesight, and even death.

Although diabetes experts agree is the biggest health problem in the 21st century, in fact there are still many people who shrugged when asked about the possibility of suffering from this disease. In addition because the symptoms are not visible, not a few who still think the disease is caused by consuming too much sweet food.

In fact, according to dr.Budiman Darmowidjojo, Sp.PD, diabetes mellitus is not related to overeating sugar. A person diagnosed with diabetes when the body does not produce enough insulin or does not use insulin properly there. "Not true if the disease is caused by overeating sugary foods," he said.

Factors causing the high number of sufferers is due to changes in a high-fat diet and physical inactivity. The linkage of this disease with sugar may stem from the fact people with diabetes should limit eating sugar.

"That should actually be limited not just sugar, but the total calories, because most of what we eat for energy will be converted into glucose. In people with diabetes, uncontrolled diet will improve glucose levels," said a doctor from the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism Department Medicine Faculty of medicine/RSCM Jakarta.

In a healthy person, glucose is automatically absorbed by the cells. Body to use insulin produced by pancreatic B cell receptor to open the cells so glucose can enter. However, in people who suffer from diabetes, insulin resistance occurs so that blood sugar can not enter.

This excess sugar in the bloodstream and accumulated in the long term can cause complications. "Actually that's not dangerous high blood sugar, but the complications it brings," he added.


Diabetes is a disease that strikes silently, but in the end will be a disaster. The disease is more common every year kills three million people around the world.

According dr.Budiman, cause of death in diabetic patients is not because the disease itself but its complications. "Nearly 40 percent died of heart disease, the remainder due to kidney failure, stroke, or cancer," explained the chairman of the Jakarta Diabetes Meeting to be held this coming November 2011.

Complications that may result from diabetes there are acute, such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (blood sugar is too high), or chronic complications.

"Complications of chronic own there that affect the large blood vessels such as coronary heart disease or stroke, or which affects the small blood vessels so that patients suffering from neurological disorders, kidney, impotence, or blindness," he explained.

Blood sugar levels are high, bright Budiman, also will disrupt the hormonal system so that the increased levels of certain hormones that lead to increased blood pressure. "Approximately 60-80 percent of diabetic patients suffer from hypertension," he said.

That's why it is important to check blood sugar, in order to take care of blood sugar levels rise, especially if the family history there who suffer from this disease, your age exceeds 40 years, suffering from obesity or showing symptoms of this disease.

Fix your diet

One way to avoid diabetes is to maintain body weight remained normal, regular exercise, and improve your diet. This means eating a healthy diet that focuses on fruits and vegetables.

Research shows for every extra 40 grams of fat you eat in a day, the risk for diabetes has tripled. And if you already have diabetes, you are most likely to experience complications.

"This happens because the body makes fat cells resist insulin," said Frank Q. Nittal, MD, in a report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Meanwhile, people with diabetes are advised to eat every four or five hours in small portions. "The important thing is to set the total calories," said Budiman. Nevertheless diabetics are still advised to be careful in eating sugar. The need for sweet foods that can be satisfied with low-calorie artificial sweetener.

Currently there are no drugs to treat diabetes. That's why care about yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes diet, exercise, rest, and avoid stress. In people with diabetes had a healthy lifestyle can keep the blood sugar remains stable so that the disease can be controlled.

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