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Nutmeg Benefits for Health

Nutmeg Benefits for Health | Nutmeg has been known since the first has various properties and uses, from cooking to a natural remedy for many ills. Nutmeg from Indonesia, which is derived mainly from the island of Banda Neira is nutmeg with the best quality in the world.

Here are some of the properties of nutmeg for human life:

1. As a cooking spice
Nutmeg is a natural flavoring and preservatives

2. For Health

Toothache relief

Substances contained in nutmeg oil helps fight bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities. To reduce pain in tooth/gum, apply a few drops of nutmeg oil on the sore gums while a massage.

Abdominal pain

Natural compounds contained in nutmeg fruit is nutritious help smooth the digestive tract, it is not surprising since the first nutmeg was known to overcome the problem of diarrhea, flatulence and other digestive disorders.

Sleeping pills

To overcome the problem of bed, pour a little nutmeg on a glass of warm milk.

Eliminate acne and blemishes

Mashed nutmeg until smooth, then mix with milk whole milk, stirring to form a paste. Apply on the face that problem, let stand a few minutes, then wash face as usual.

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