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Tips Cooking Carrots for Kids

Tips Cooking Carrots for Kids - You may have read that vegetables including carrots needed for the child. However, how to cook it so easy and kids like to eat? On the one hand, cooking vegetables for too long will remove all the positive content in it. But on the other hand, if not cooked long enough (until soft), carrots will be difficult to chew children who are toddlers. Is processed as juice is also recommended?

According to Dr. Handy Fransisca SpA, a pediatrician and author of Healthy Food Guide Breastfeeding and Baby, the most important thing about food children eat foods with balanced nutrition. Perhaps you will ask, how to measure the nutritional balance. Roughly speaking, keep the child at each meal menu contained a variety of foodstuffs with a variety of colors. One of the important food is carrots, but it's not the only one.

For vegetables, if possible, should be eaten without cooking (but washed clean, of course). Without the ripening process, the content of enzymes and various vitamins in vegetables can be more awake. If I had to be cooked, the first option is to steamed vegetables until slightly soft. Do not really soft or wilted. The second option is to include pan-fried or boiled with water boiled in a child's menu.

For children who are aged over one year, carrots can be presented in various forms, such as an adult. If there are local and imported carrots, you better choose local carrots. The reason, delivery time is shorter, so that the freshness is stay there.

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