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Easy Ways to Increase Metabolism

Easy Ways to Increase Metabolism - Metabolism is the process by which food and calories are converted into energy the body needs to perform the activity. Some related metabolic disorders frequently associated with decreased health status.

Actually, there are some easy and simple way to overcome the problem of metabolic disorders. Here are some Easy ways to increase metabolism through nutrient intake and nutritional as quoted from MensHealth:

1. Diet foods rich in iron

Iron intake is especially important to carry oxygen from the muscles to burn body fat. Shellfish, lean meats, nuts, cereals, and spinach are the best source of iron. But keep in mind, taking iron supplements is not the best idea, especially if it gets excessive. Too much iron intake has been associated with greater risk of heart disease in men.

2. Vitamin D

The researchers estimate there are still many people who have not quite meet the intake of vitamin D through their diet or eating patterns. In fact, vitamin D is essential for preserving muscle tissue metabolism. You can provide for the amount of vitamin D through food, especially salmon, tuna, fortified milk, cereals, and eggs.

3. Drinking Milk

There is some evidence that calcium deficiency can slow the body's metabolic processes. Research shows that eating calcium in the form of fat-free dairy foods and low fat yogurt can reduce fat absorption from other foods.

4. Watermelon

A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition claims, contain of amino acid arginine is abundant in watermelon fruit, can promote weight loss. The findings are based on the results of experiments on mice that are obese and arginine administered for more than 3 months. The result, researchers found that a decrease in body fat increased by 64 percent.

5. Stay hydrated

All the chemical reactions that occur in the body, including metabolism depends on water. If you're dehydrated, calorie burning process may be 2 percent less, according to researchers from the University of Utah, who monitor the metabolic rate of 10 adults related to the consumption of water per day.

In the study, researchers found that those who drank eight, or twelve glasses of water a day, have higher metabolic rates, than those who drank less than that amount. Thus some easy ways to increase metabolism.

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