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Prevent Infectious Bacteria in Formula Milk

Prevent Infectious Bacteria in Formula Milk - The presence of bacteria in the milk formula is not something new among food researchers. Association between bacterial milk formula in infants with the disease have been identified since 1983.

Need to know is the infant formula and baby foods are not sterile products. For this reason, milk should be brewed with boiled water at least 70 degrees Celsius temperature and consumed immediately after thawing.

After a scene with E.sakazakii bacteria in Indonesia, currently parents in the United States made anxious by pollution cases Cronobacter sakazakii in infant formula that circulates there.

To prevent bacterial contamination of infant formula, there are many steps we can do, as an appreciable portion shown by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. following:

  1. Use hot water to make infant formula milk powder of the formula. Hot water should reach 158 ° F (70 ° C)
  2. If possible, do not use milk powder. You can use liquid formula milk usually more sterile.
  3. Follow the instructions as stated in the manufacture of bottled milk.
  4. Discard milk or formula if you do not immediately drink it within 24 hours after being prepared.

Meanwhile, Lorry Rubin, head of infectious diseases at the Cohen Children's Medical Center, New York says, the most important thing parents need to know is, how to prepare infant formula correctly.

Glasses and bottles should be cleaned and sterilized and the water should be boiled and cooled before adding the powdered milk formula. "If you try to warm or wrong in catering, bacteria can proliferate and you have a higher risk to get sick," he said.

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