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Brain Function Reduce when Age 45 Years

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Brain Function Reduce when Age 45 Years - During this time, the brain's cognitive function is believed to begin to decrease when a person enters the age of 60 years. However, recent research team at University College London (UCL) showed that brain function begins to decline at age 45 years.

The team studied 5198 male and 2192 female British civil servants aged 45-70 years during the years 1997-2007. Of Brain health memory test, the ability to remember vocabulary to the ability to understand through audio and visual, visible function of reasoning fell by 3.6 percent in men and women aged 45-49 years.

The largest decrease occurred in 65-70 year old male respondent, namely 9.6 percent, while in women the same age only 7.4 percent. Study leader of the Centre for Epidemiology and Public Health Research France, Archana Singh-Manoux, told the BBC, Friday (6/1), said the study proves cognitive decline for 20-30 years can lead to dementia (memory loss). Higher rates of dementia would if the patient smoked.

"It is important to identify risk factors early on. If the onset of disease at the age of 50-something years but only observed at the age of 60-something years, it is difficult to distinguish where cause and effect, "he said.

UK Alzheimer's Research Community Manager Anne Corbett said the UCL study, published in the British Medical Journal adds to the debate about when the brain's cognitive abilities decline began.

"It needs further research to understand how the measurement of the ability of the brain could improve diagnosis of dementia," he said.

Senile dementia of Alzheimer's alias is the biggest cause of dementia in the elderly. Head of UK Alzheimer's Research Center Simon Ridley said, although not known sure way to prevent Alzheimer's, a healthy lifestyle, such as not smoking, eating healthy foods, and maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of dementia.

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