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Prevent Irritation Due to Breastfeeding

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Prevent Irritation Due to Breastfeeding - For women who are postpartum, breastfeeding is often a problem frequently encountered. The new mother usually worry about whether their baby is getting enough milk or not. These concerns are mainly caused by the change in the breast. Concerns that too much is rarely even made the mothers less attention to problems of their own breasts. Consequently it appears problems such as irritation, swelling, or infection.

To overcome the problem of breast-feeding, do some of the following tips:

1. It is most important when breastfeeding is to maintain fluid levels in the body. Fluid intake of water is enough to prevent breast infections.

2. If you experience irritation, try using a breast-shaped gel pads in the bra. If you do not have it, use cold cabbage leaves and put into the bra. But do not let the cabbage leaves in the bra is too long, because it can have an effect on milk supply dry.

3. If you feel sick, try to massage your breasts. For best results, massage your breasts, bowing slightly.

4. Add the garlic, or use the oregano oil in a dish that you eat. Both contain an antibiotic that can relieve the symptoms of irritation in the breast, as well as killing cancer cells.

5. Consumption of many vitamins, especially vitamin C and essential fatty acids for daily food menu.

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