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Vitamin water, How Need?

Vitamin water, How Need? - Today, bottled water is no longer just contain H20. In the market mostly found drinking water supplemented with vitamins, minerals, ions, herbs, and even oxygen. Identify the function and use appropriately.

The rise of supplement water products on the market may be triggered by the needs of the community will be a source of nutrients that can not be met from the daily diet given the community a minimal diet of vegetables and fruits.

According dr.Saptawati Bardosono, a nutritionist from the jakarta Medical Association Physician Nutrition, water included in the essential nutrients that are essential for body functions. But basically what we need from the water is a little intake of fluids and minerals.

"Vitamins and other nutrients should be met from the daily diet, not from water. As consumers we should be more observant in choosing a product because the water is added to other substances it is definitely more expensive," he explained in one session of the National Seminar on Food and Nutrition 2012 in Jakarta (19/1).

According Dr.Minarto, Chairman of Indonesia Nutritionist, get used to eating foods varied or varied is the principle of balanced nutrition.

"In contrast to the principles of Healthy 4 5 Excellent, balanced nutrition in principle, we are encouraged to eat a varied diet to meet all the nutrients the body embodied, but the number is limited according to the conditions that are not overweight," he explained in the same event.

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