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Tips for Preventing Toddlers Poisoning Drug

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Tips for Preventing Toddlers Poisoning Drug - Avoid putting drugs in vain at home if you have children under five. Data in the United States shows each year 1 in 150 children aged two years was rushed to the emergency room due to take medication without supervision.

"Leaving the medication in a place easily accessible toddlers is dangerous, but this is often not recognized parents," said Dr.Dan Budnitz, director of drug safety program of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA.

To prevent the possibility of a toddler having poisoning in medication because taking the drug itself, follow a few tips from the CDC the following:

- Keep medicines in places difficult to reach or see the children.

- As with any medicine, vitamin supplements are also dangerous. Even vitamins and OTC are usually consumed the child can be fatal if swallowed much.

- Be disciplined in closing the drug. Make sure everything is sealed so it is more difficult to open the children.

- Teach children about the dangers of drugs and avoid giving sweets as persuading a child to take medication because it might confuse the child.

- If your house often visited by guests or relatives who meningap, remind them also to save the personalized medicine in places that are difficult to reach children.

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