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Nutrition for better smiles | Nutrition

Nutrition for better smiles | Truth be told, nutrition for children must target healthy teeth and good oral hygiene to inculcate the principles for good oral health from very young, which children should practice through to adulthood.

Starches and sugars

While you were told that eating sugary foods led to tooth decay, other factors lead to tooth decay, so sugars are not the only culprits. Acid produced by bacteria in the mouth will wear down tooth enamel, resulting in dental cavities or tooth decay.

Hard candy

The more often you eat carbohydrate foods, especially as snacks between meals, the more likely acid will form and attack the teeth. Bacteria covers teeth with plaque acids and the action continues up to 30 minutes after eating, especially if you eat sticky foods.

Anti-cavity foods


Saliva has minerals - calcium, phosphorus and fluoride - which provide protection for the teeth.

Tips for healthy gums and teeth

Limit carbonated sodas and sweet fruit drinks.
If you have a sweet tooth, try replacing sweets with a healthy choice like fruits and vegetable sticks.

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