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Benefits of Soursop Fruits | Cancer Treatment

Soursop fruit cure cancer - the discovery of benefits of soursop fruits is the greatest invention of the 20th century. The invention is related to the research, said that benefits of soursop fruit can cure cancer and tumors, which is a vicious disease over the world.

Before the discovery of benefits of soursop fruits, the tumor disease and cancer remains a disease that is deadly and terrifying human beings.

According to one source stated that soursop fruit is not fruit that comes from Asia, but originated from the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Soursop fruit is then taken by Netherlands to Indonesia in the 19th century.

Now researchers at the Health Science Institute, found the benefits of soursop fruits is awesome. It turns out soft and fleshy fruit has a white anti-tumor effects and cancer are very powerful. It has been proven through medical research. In that study, found that the soursop fruit is able to cure all types of cancer.

Benefits of Soursop Fruits to Health

Aside from being a cancer cure, Benefits of Soursop Fruits as the other is an antibacterial anti-fungal. Soursop fruit is very effective against many types of parasites/worms that damage the health of the human body.

In addition, the soursop is very suitable for people with high blood pressure, and also improve the nervous system that is not good. In his research, the team of the Health Sciences Institute conducted basing on the habits of Indians who live in the Amazon jungle. This tribe has a habit of using all parts of the soursop tree, from wood, leaves, fruits and seeds of the soursop as a treatment media. The Indians believe that the benefits of soursop fruit can be used to cure heart disease.

Benefit of Soursop fruits | Cure Cancer

The discovery of Benefits of Soursop Fruits as a healer of cancer occurred in 1976. This was after a trial that involved 20 independent laboratories working under the coordination and supervision of the National Cancer Institute.

From this research, the fact there is a chemical element found in soursop fruit that can kill cancer cells. In contrast to systems that are widely used chemotherapy as the cancer cell killing, soursop fruit to work smarter. Therefore, the elements contained in the soursop fruit is able to distinguish between the bad cells that are destructive, and where the cells are still healthy.

Soursop fruit would choose to kill the bad cells, and allow the healthy cells. Its ability to kill this bed cells is 10,000 more powerful than chemotherapy that uses laser light technology assistance. In addition, chemotherapy was not able to distinguish cells that are still healthy and damaged cells. All cells will be turned off if using chemotherapy. This is what distinguishes soursop treatment to chemotherapy.

Treatment with chemotherapy will cause hair loss affects the emergence of cancer as well as nausea. Whereas treatment with the soursop, it will not happen.

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