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Omega 3, The Best Nutrition for Brain

Omega 3, The Best Nutrition for Brain

Not inevitable, entered the age of 50 years of organ function in the body, including the brain decreases. As a result, the memory will be slightly reduced. But, with proper diet, the risk of dementia can be prevented.

One nutrient that has proven effective for both the brain is the foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids. Research shows people who diligently consume foods such as salmon, lower risk of decreased brain function that leads to dementia.

"Foods that contain fatty acids have a positive effect in preventing the aging brain, along with the increase of vascular health," said Dr.Zaldy Tan, from Easton Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research.
Omega 3, The Best Nutrition for Brain
Previous studies linked the risk of dementia with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in blood plasma that shows how much food they consume in a few days. In a recent study conducted Tan, the researchers could determine the amount of omega-3 foods that have been consumed in recent months.
However, Tan said that the research does not prove a direct link between omega-3 with a decline in cognitive function, but it demonstrated the link between brain health with fatty acids.

In that study, 1,500 people aged 58-76 years do a MRI brain scans and blood samples taken. They also tested the cognitive ability for measure memory, problem solving abilities, as well as the ability to think abstractly.

The result is known, the participants that levels of omega-3 fatty acid under a 25 percent have a smaller brain size compared to people who frequently eat foods containing omega-3.

Other foods are recommended to maintain healthy brain is a source of vitamin B12 (lean meat, liver, milk, cheese, eggs), folic acid (green vegetables), vitamin C (green vegetables, fruits), and vitamin B2 (yeast , milk, eggs, peanuts, and beans).

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