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Consuming too much egg yolks

Consuming too much egg yolks | The benefits of animal protein which is owned by the egg, making many people like these foods. At breakfast, even to the dinner, most people eat eggs because they are practically used as a side dish and can also be processed with a variety of recipes.

However, a recent study revealed that eating lots of egg yolks have harmful effects on blood vessels. Conclusion of a study by Canadian researchers showed that the buildup of carotid plaque, a waxy substance that clogs blood vessels, associated with reduced blood flow and a high risk of cardiovascular disease, in fact greater in people who consume lots of egg yolks.
Consuming too much egg yolks

This research consider, the effect of eating eggs that involved nearly 1,200 people, with an average age of 61 years. Studies have been published in the journal Atherosclerosis showed that carotid plaque area (narrowing of arteries due to fatty deposits) grew on people aged 40 years and over. However, increases exponentially with the number of years, from smoking and eating egg yolks.

"Our results indicate a strong association between egg consumption and carotid plaque burden," the researchers said, as quoted by Zeenews (5/8). Mentioned research, we believe our study is very important to reassess the role of dietary cholesterol and egg yolk in general, as a risk factor for heart disease.

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