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5 Natural Ways Cure Headaches

5 Natural Ways Cure Headaches - Headaches can be caused by many things, such as stress, displacement temperature is too drastic, and so forth. If a sudden headache and no medicine to alleviate near you, we have five natural ways to cure your headache. Especially for mild headache, you could do the following:
Natural Ways Cure Headaches

Here 5 Natural Ways Cure Headaches

Compress with ice
Migraine headaches are one of the most popular emerging and experienced not only by women but also men. When migraine appears, the first thing you should do is put some ice cubes in the bag compress, then compress on the forehead. Let stand for 15 minutes until it was gradually lost.

Warm your body
Other types of headaches, caused by straining or excessive cold. For that, immediately get hot water, put in the cold pack and compress your shoulders. Or bathing in the shower, and flush the neck, nape and shoulders with warm water. Allow for some time until the muscles become more relaxed.

Make sure the water is not too hot, so as not to burn your skin and hurt ... hehe

Rub the body with warm oil
Other Headaches can be caused because you are too tired and less rest. At times like this, after a shower, rub your back with warm oil massage while in gently. When warm gradually envelop the body, take advantage of your time off well. Some time later, you will feel better.

Drinking a cup of hot chocolate or milk
Avoid coffee and tea as a headache. It is better not to consume caffeine beforehand so you can rest comfortably. It is recommended to drink a cup of hot chocolate or milk when the headache attacks. Thus, you will be more relaxed and comfortable bed.

Try this relaxation technique
Stress and anxiety also one headache triggers. When this type of headache attack, seek immediate fresh and quiet room. Sit comfortably, then take a deep breath and slowly remove up to 10 counts. Repeat until feeling completely relaxed.

Thus are some tips for you who are attack by headaches as quoted from, May this is useful. Good Luck

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