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7 Eating Roles for Woman

Women do have own treatment. Either body treatments, facials, even down to foods also had to be considered. There are seven rules to eat to fulfilled by a woman every day. This is because women have a susceptibility to certain diseases. The nutrients that we need are quite different compared with men.
7 Eating Roles for Woman

7 Eating Roles for Woman

1. drinking Milk

With age, the calcium in our body decreases. Women potentially experience osteoporosis and should consume dairy products to meet calcium needs. There are many sources of calcium from dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese.

2. Stopping Soda Consumption

Even a soda, labeled for diet, you do not know how many calories, sugar and other chemicals that are in it. Consumption of soda quite dangerous stockpiles of calcium in our body. Besides soda can cause cancer because of artificial sweeteners in it.

3. Colorful Food

Certainly not with artificial colorings, but by varying content of our plates. For example, with mixed greens, sliced ​​tomatoes, a sprinkling of corn that makes our food variegated colors. Colors on groceries identity nutrition foods. The more varied, the more nutrients we get.

4. Food filamentous

Be in fibrous foods to offset the intake of protein and carbohydrate that goes into your body. Fiber helps digestion and helps your metabolism more smoothly.

5. Fruit With Antioxidants

Wine and some kind of berry fruit has good benefits as an antioxidant. Besides rich in vitamin C can help maintain the health and beauty of women. The flavors were delicious also can make you cheerful all day.

6. yummy Yogurt

Regardless of yoghurt which is still part of the dairy products, yogurt contains a lot of vitamin D, protein and calcium. Bacteria is good for digestion. When you purchase this product, consider whether the sugar content is too much or not.

7. water

Do not get enough of we convey that water is an important part in maintaining health of women. In addition to healthy, drink plenty of water can help you always look stunning and fresh.

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