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Health Benefits of Betel Leaf

Health Benefits of betel leaf have been know for years ago, t's usually our grand father or grand ma use it for eating. betel leaf also useful to prevent many disease like: nasal congestion, and other.

Betel leaf is a tropical leaf that grow vinely. Because the benefits are so great, So health food nutrition blog will discuss the benefits of betel leaf.
Health Benefits of Betel Leaf

Health benefits of betel leaf

1. Eliminate bad breath odor, how to: boil some betel leaves to a boil, then let stand until warm. Then use the cooking water to rinsing the mouth.

2. Overcoming nosebleed, how: Roll a piece of betel leaf, with the goal of keeping out the oil, use leaves to clog the blood flow out.

For this, you can also use betel soap.

Thus are some huge benefits of betel leaf for health. May be no many people know this ways, you can share this article and say to friend or your family. may useful

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