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Not All Dark Chocolate Healthy

Not All Dark Chocolate Healthy | Dark chocolate that has a cocoa content of more than 65 percent of the lot referred to as super foods to prevent heart defect. But the amount of flavonoids in chocolate are inconsistent and often not mentioned in the label.

Flavonoids are antioxidants in cocoa plants, flavonoids are a key prevention of disease, as healthy blood vessels. However, the levels of flavonoids in chocolate varies per product. This is due to the distillation process of any fruit affects the cocoa antioxidant levels.
Not All Dark Chocolate Healthy

Researchers from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom analyzed 12 brands of dark chocolate and found flavonoid levels in each brand is different, ranging from 90 mg to 900 mg/pack

According to Catherine Kwik-Uribe, PhD from Mars Botanical, studies suggest flavonoid intake of 200 mg per day of heart-healthy cocoa. But the flavonoid vary in each product, so consumers do not necessarily get the health benefits of each product.

"Consumption of flavonoid chocolate on a regular basis is healthy, but we need to know exactly how many there are in the products we consume. Unfortunately rather difficult to get recommendation for sure,"
he said.

Another difficulty is the flavonoid content of cocoa is not included in the packaging label.

Even so do not worry, however dark chocolate snacking rated healthier than other snacks that contain higher sugar.

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