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Soft Lens Not Enough Just Soaked

Soft Lens Not Enough Just Soaked | Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses are not easy to shift, dewy or dusty so it is more comfortable and does not interfere with the appearance. However contact lenses require maximum care to keep them clean and free of bacteria.

Especially for soft contact lenses, it is recommended to clean and scrub with cleaning solution before soaking overnight. This way considered as the best way to kill most of bacteria, and prevent eye infections. As known some types of bacteria can penetrate the soft lens.

"Although some cleaning solutions mentioned" do not need to be rubbed again ", but scrubbed and rinsed before immersion is the most effective in any type of contact lenses,"
said Hua Zhu, of Brien Holden Vision Institute, Australia.

In his research, he examined some kind of contact lens cleaning solutions, including products that claim does not need to be buffed (no rub), to eliminate bacterial or fungal cultures derived from commercial contact lens, whether it is a type of silicone or hydrogel lenses.
Soft Lens

The researchers found that: the cleaning solution would be more effective if we use the technique of "rub and rinse" before soaking lenses. In contrast, if only "soak" it will leave bacteria on contact lenses.

Meanwhile, the technique of "rinse only" will improve hygiene when cleaning solution containing preservative used polyguad. However, the technique of "rinse only" less effective cleaning one or two silicone hydrogel lens of bacteria.

"Skip the soft lens brush will leave a lot of bacteria. If microorganisms were attached to the surface of the contact lens, it will be more resistant to disinfectants," said Hua.

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