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Nuts Walnut Healthy for Sperm

Nuts Walnut Healthy for Sperm | Nuts are included in the source of omega-3 that is good for consumption. In addition to protecting the heart, actually nuts, especially walnuts beneficial for healthy sperm.

The content of fatty acids in walnuts, like kenari walnut, had a positive impact on the development of sperm. In the study, men who ate walnuts for 12 weeks experienced increased strength, movement, and shape.

Dr.Allan Pacey, senior lecturer in andrology at the University of Sheffield, said the results of this research showed that the intake of men affect the number and quality of sperm produced.

Nuts Walnut Healthy for Sperm
Nuts Walnut Healthy for Sperm
Her research involved 117 men aged 21 and 35 years were divided into two groups. First is the group were asked to consume 75 grams of "walnut whole" every day. While the second group runs regular diet without any additional consumption of nuts.

"We found a significant improvement of sperm parameters of both groups consuming walnuts. However not known whether it affects fertility," says Wendie Robbins, lead researcher.

The next study will focus on whether walnut extract is included in the tablet supplement will give similar results.

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