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Walnut, The Healthiest Nuts

Walnut, The Healthiest Nuts - Beans are often referred to as a healthy snack. Eating a handful of nuts every day can improve a variety of health conditions, from lowering cholesterol, protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, increase fertility, to prevent dementia.

If your hobby is snacking nuts, walnuts sure to be one of your choices. Researchers from the University of Scranton Chemistry, Pennsylvania, recently analyzed the antioxidant content of nine types of nuts. They found that a handful of walnuts have twice the antioxidants than other nuts. Nutritional value of walnuts was mentioned more than peanut, almond, pecan, and pistachio.
Walnut, The Healthiest Nuts
Walnut also shows the quality and potential better. Moreover, most nuts can be eaten raw, making healthier choices. "The heat of roasted nuts generally reduces the quality of the antioxidants.'s People usually eat walnuts raw or roasted, and they get the full effectiveness of antioxidants," explains Dr. Joe Vinson, PhD, the study leader.

According to Dr. Vinson, nuts contain polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats are healthier than saturated fats that could potentially clog arteries. In terms of calories, nuts also does not cause weight gain. In fact, we can feel the stomach is full and not overeat.

Even so, you should limit the portion of walnuts when snacking. To get the benefits of healthy, walnut only good if taken about seven grains per day.

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