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Active Dancing Can Boost Mental Health

Active Dancing Can Boost Mental Health - Teenagers who are active, known to be very good for health. Now the girls are actively involved dancing classes not only good for physical health, but also good for mental health.

The new study conducted by researchers from Sweden shows take dance classes and perform some movements can provide a pretty good addition to the mental health of women, especially adolescents.

Researchers reveal the dance is one of the popular forms of physical activity, especially among young women. Researchers used this opportunity to improve your posture as well as low self-perception common among adolescent girls.
Active Dancing Can Boost Mental Health
The study, led by Anna Duberg of the Centre for Health Care Sciences included 112 girls aged 13-18 years. These girls have a problem such as depression, low self esteem and constant fatigue.

Girls were included in our dance classes for 8 months, and the researchers assessed the levels of health of each adolescent using a scale of 1-5 and measured before the study, 3 times during the study and after 8 months.

As a result girls who attend dance classes had more improvement in their mental health status even after dance class ends, compared with teens who entered in the control group.

In addition, about 91 percent of teenage girls who attend dance classes have a positive experience better. These results are reported in the journal Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, as quoted by LiveScience, Tuesday (11/13/2012).

This is possible because the dance class fun and no pressure is felt by teenagers. As well as the social aspect is very important because it makes the girls had the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the time doing his favorite thing.

The researchers revealed the role of physical activity a fun social could affect the health, not only physical but also the mental health of adolescents themselves.

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