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Avoid These Foods for Beautiful Skin

Avoid These Foods for Beautiful Skin - You may have heard of a "understanding": we are formed by the food we eat. When talking about the condition of the skin, the skin is a reflection of the quality of the diet owned.

These are foods that if eaten too often can reduce the beauty of the skin.

1. Processed foods

During processing, live enzymes and nutrients in the food will be reduced and even disappear. Therefore, if you want the skin looking bright, eat only quality food ingredients. Foods that contain high water, especially fruits and vegetables, will help to moisturize the skin, regulate oil production and helps detoxification.

2. Meat

Whenever possible, buy organic meat. Some beef cattle given additional hormones in food, even antibiotics so they do not easily hurt. If you eat meat, it is an additional component in animal feed can cause hormonal imbalances that can trigger acne and inflammation.

3. Fried

If the oil is heated in a high temperature, then the oils and fats will oxidize and will go into our bodies through food. The oil used repeatedly for cooking is not recommended because the fat is very thick and difficult to detox the body. Besides bad for blood vessels, the habit of eating fried foods will also make collagen and elastin slow production so skin looks loose and dull.

4. Excessive sugar

Sugar weakens the immune system so the body is not able to fight the bacteria to the maximum, including the bacteria that cause acne. In the body, sugar is acidic so that more harmful bacteria that live. This means more toxins and make skin dull. In addition, foods that contain high sugar also causes rapid blood sugar levels rise so much circulating insulin levels in the blood. Recent studies have shown it will also trigger acne.

5. Excessive caffeine

The study showed that consumption of 2-3 cups of caffeinated beverages per day will trigger the pituitary adrenocortical responses that will increase the level of cortisol in the body. Excess cortisol hormone (known as a stress hormone) has been shown to accelerate the process of aging and skin damage. Coffee is also a diuretic and causes the body to dehydrate the skin so that the appearance was so disturbed.

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