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Breastfeeding Can Healthy Baby Colon

Breastfeeding Can Healthy Baby Colon - Maintaining the balance of good bacteria in the digestive means keeping the immune system. One way to increase the good bacteria in the gut baby, give breast milk as a baby is born.

Research shows that babies who are breastfed since birth have colonies of bacteria in the intestines which means it helps the absorption of nutrients and enhance the immune system. which will protect the baby from infection and disease.
Breastfeeding Can Healthy Baby Colon
According to researchers from Duke University Medical Center, the benefits can not be obtained from the formula. They do research by growing two strains "E.coli bacteria" in the example milk, infant formula milk (either cow's milk or soy), and dairy cows.

Then The bacteria begin to breed and multiply, but there are differences in the way they grow. In the example of milk, the bacteria stuck together in a biofilm layer, which is a thin layer that serves as a protection from harmful microorganisms and infections.

The bacteria in infant formula and cow's milk grow as individual organisms that do not form a biofilm layer.

"This is the first study which examined the effect of breastfeeding on how the growth of bacteria that give a clear picture of how the benefits of breastfeeding to the newborn than formula milk,"
says senior researcher William Parker, in a press release.

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