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Drink Green Tea At Breakfast

Drink Green Tea At Breakfast - What drinks are always presented in the morning? Most would answer the tea or coffee. Although coffee is more popular as of encouragement, but tea, particularly green tea, has a series of benefits that make it obligatory drink in the morning.

Drink Green Tea At Breakfast
1. Prevent cancer
Small-scale study showed that breast cancer patients given green tea extract for 6 months experienced improvements in a decrease in the spread of tumor markers.

2. Healthy heart
Green tea contains antioxidants that are beneficial for lowering high blood pressure. Add lemon juice to get extra vitamin C which helps the body absorb antioxidants.

3. vigorous
The scientists found that the mice given the green tea extract had a higher resistance level of 24 percent.

4. streamline
Catechins, antioxidants in green tea belly fat erode.

5. Overcoming allergies
Researchers from Japan have found that EGCG component, other antioxidants in green tea, can improve the body's immune response against allergens.

6. Improve memory
Research in Kanda found that snails were given water mixed with epicatekin, types of antioxidants in chocolate and green tea, to increase memory. The good news, it will also increase the memory experienced by people who regularly drink green tea.


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