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Foods That Trigger Headaches

Foods That Trigger Headaches | Ever experienced a migraine or headache suddenly? Indeed this type of migraine headache that simply sucks. The arrival of sudden and caused by many things. Starting from body fatigue, stress, until the food.

To prevent migraines, surely you must maintain body condition in order to keep fit, avoid stress and take care of some of these foods.
Foods That Trigger Headaches
Foods containing tyramine
Tyramine is an amino acid that is thought to be the cause of a headache. Its appearance can reduce the levels of serotonin in the brain so as to make the blood circulation is not smooth. Tyramine, as quoted from indiatimes found on special foods such as cheese, chocolate, alcoholic drinks.

Beverages or food containing alcohol
Dr. Sunita Dube, an expert in diet say that in alcohol (e.g. wine), there are phytocemicals substances, also known as phenols. Phenols are a trigger for headaches.

Tyramine is also found in chocolate. However, the difference is at the same time, Brown helped release the hormone endorphins so as to not each eat chocolate to someone experiencing a headache. Generally, the chocolate will aggravate headache when someone is experiencing severe stress or experiencing hormonal changes.

"Coffee is a drink that makes people addicted." Drinking coffee has its good and bad sides. On the bright side, antioxidant content is high enough, moreover of coffee also helps improve digestion. However, most people do not consume coffee because resistant sensitive to caffeine. When You have headaches, avoid coffee and take more rest.

Natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables are included in the category are safe for consumption. That is because the amount is not too exaggerated and easy to digest the body. While the refinasi is turning sugar supernovae. This is what causes the sugar can trigger the emergence of headaches.

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