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How to Treat Bumps on eye

How to Treat Bumps on eye - Small bumps on the eyelids, redness is actually harmless. But the lump is often painless and certainly put to shame, because it was thought these bumps appear as often peek of others.

Bumps (hordeolum) is actually an infection or inflammation of the eyelash root (follicle). this disease may arise due to the bacteria initially attack the roots of the hair, and then spread to other hair roots.

Bumps on the eye usually develops slowly, forming a painful red bumps. Gradually the lump that contains pus and broken. Discharge of pus will reduce pain and usually within a few days and then goes away.
How to Treat Bumps on eye
Early signs of eye disease is intense itching and a little pain in the eyelid edge. Triggers eye bump is a habit often rub their eyes with dirty hands, so that the bacteria entered.

Avoid bumps punch to remove the pus. Let erupt by itself, and wash the entire eyelid.

If you feel overwhelmed by handle, immediately contact a doctor

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