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Malnutrition as a disgrace

Malnutrition as a disgrace | Disgrace Means something shameful. Anyone who bears the disgrace will try to cover it up so as not to spread.

Cases of malnutrition in Bogor (01/11/2012) jolted us back. Turns out there are parents who feel ashamed weigh in posyandu son, because his son was skinny and impaired growth.

The situation continues, child malnutrition status was originally only getting worse and eventually slipped to poor nutritional status. Only then cadres posyandu, midwife, or NGOs referred to intensive care. However, things are already so badly malnourished child can die.
Malnutrition as a disgrace
To the government, it should not malnutrition regarded as a disgrace. Make the whip in order not to repeat. The emergence of malnutrition cases sporadically demonstrated the ineffectiveness of child nutrition monitoring system. IHC is spearheading who oversaw the growth of children in the community. However, posyandu now like the proverbial "live shy, did not want to die". The government's plan to empower neighborhood health center was still discourse.


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